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KATCentre: we care for Nepal's animals - castration, vaccination, first aid

The KAT Centre (Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre) is a nonprofit organization in Nepal. The KAT Centre’s goals are to create a healthy, sustainable street dog population, reduce animal cruelty, and eliminate rabies, around Kathmandu, Nepal.

gabriele g. from Förderverein KAT Write a message

Dear animal lovers ,

for the street dogs in Kathmandu the fight for survival is very hard. Hunger, lack of medical care, maltreatment of the inhabitants and last but not least the enormous amount of traffic are the biggest dangers. In addition there are missing vaccinations, which endanger humans and animals. (Rabies) The KAT (Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre) is one of the few safe places for the animals where they are castrated, cared for, cured and vaccinated. Please help us to preserve this place.

The KAT cares for many injured and sick animals. That is why we constantly need :
- Rabies vaccine
- medicines (e.g. painkillers, ivermectin,)
- Disinfectants - Suture material -

Current information

If you live in Germany you can support Kat with your purchases without additional costs. Go to
and : the KAT Centre Mastercard (requires a residence in Germany)

This video describes KAT's work:

The situation: There are about 25.000 street dogs living in Kathmandu at the moment. Many are in a miserable condition - sick, neglected and malnourished. The dogs roam the streets, live on garbage dumps and infect the children of Nepal.

KATs' work: KAT catches street dogs, castrates them and vaccinates them against rabies. After two days the animals are released back into their neighbourhood. Unfortunately, some animals cannot return because they are too weak due to age, illness or accidents. Here the KAT helps with medical treatment. During the earthquake the aid was extended to livestock.

KATs status: The KAT (Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre) is a non-governmental organisation and is now also recognised in Germany by the Förderverein and tax deductible. KAT receives no support from the government. It dependet on private donors. 

Many thanks, , the KAT team and the people and animals of Nepal.
Yours, Gabriele