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Funded Cholera in Kwale District

Kwale, Kenya

Funded Cholera in Kwale District

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For the people of Kenya cholera soon will be again a lurking danger. Therefore we must refill the cholera rescue kit urgently. Please help us. - So that we can save lifes.

Claudia B. from Hilfe für Kwale District e.V.Write a message

In 2009 we gave a cholera rescue kit to the team of the Kwale subdistrict hospital. Meanwhile nearly 50 lifes has been saved with these materials.

To be prepared for the next cases of cholera the contents of the rescue kit needs to be refilled. Therefore we reactivated this call for donations from 2009.

The Kwale Subdistrict Hospital does not receive enough antibiotics and other supply to handle a breakout of cholera in a village which is most likely during the dry period or directly after the first rainfalls.

Due the lack of hygienic education the behavior of the people fosters the breakout of cholera. There too few latrines so excrements contaminates the small rivers. Drinking water will be taken from those rivers.

In case of identifying a infection with cholera the patient and all those who are living with him are put into quarantine.

The incubation period is 2-3 days. Time enough for the disease to spread over a whole village.

Fast support is urgently requested!! - Especially children and older people or victims of this disease!!! - Please support us!!

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