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Closed Buddhist Monks build a school for Children. 1€ = 7 Bricks

Heenatiya, Balapitiya, Sri Lanka

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S. Schick from House of Happiness | 
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About this project

Being selfless and help to others. Give without expecting in return.
Become a happy and responsible person for this world.
I kindly invite you to support the new building of the Sri Sumeda Dhamma School in the Buddhist Monestary Sri Ariyakulatilakaramaya, in Heenatiya, Balapitiya (Southern Province), Sri Lanka. This school exists already without existing. It has been brought from thought to reality by the initiative of three Buddhist Monks, already today over 600 students study there sometimes somehow.

But this school has no building. Students have no classrooms. Books have no shelves. Papers have no tables. Teachers have no boards. The actual "open air" teachings are very insecure and irregularly; improvised in total nature on monastery ground. The extreme weather conditions challenge the flexibility of all, and latest in rain season the material damage causes big suffer and loss. Then teaching and learning is impossible.

The Monks dedicate their lives to this school and they started to build that building 3 years ago, incredibly humble and patient, in using their own hands to stick brick on brick and in investing their small donations they got from local devotees.
When I came back this year (2014) the progress was nearly none to mention.

We collected privately and were suddenly able to finish one first room.... Woooow! When I saw this immediate and direct effort, I thought about the power of collectiveness. About you here... And how WE can change this world!

1 EUR donation brings 7 bricks of progress! First step here is to collect all the bricks, then we will be able to raise the framing of the building in total. More steps will follow, we are just in detail evaluating of the next needs, that will be basically concrete columns and ceiling things.

I am just getting familiar with all the possibilities here on this wonderful platform, I promise you a very close and honest documentation of the efforts and for any question you have, you can contact me anytime!
I am unable to hand out a tax receipt yet, therefor my deepest wish: Maybe we can just practice giving without receiving anything in return?
Meanwhile we are founding a nonprofit-society (e.V.), but that takes time for bureaucracy ;-), don't start waiting for that...

The Dhamma school is a school of life and basically teaches buddhist philosophy and hence giving social and ethical values to children to create and maintain a healthy society that after the years of civil war is now mostly on a convalesced way. The building facility will besides scholar activities be used for meditation programs and retreats in holiday time.
The dedication of the Monks and their tireless selfless works, even on a Monk-untypical physical level touched me a lot and I respect and honor this ideal human behavior.

Thoughts become words, words become actions. Actions become the universe.

Thx for reading! May you be well and happy!
Stefa for Ven. D. Kusalagnana Thissa Thero
Updated at 18. September 2020