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Flood 2013 - A study of natural disasters and citizen participation

Halle (Saale), Germany

Flood 2013 - A study of natural disasters and citizen participation

Halle (Saale), Germany

The project's goal is public awareness of, for example, citizens' initiatives to increase and thus improve the future interplay of politics and civil society in the event of a disaster.

G. Frommholz from dpart - Forschung für politische Partizipation gUG | 
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About this project

The summer floods in 2013 caused damages of more than 7.3 billion euros. The scale of the disaster, however, can hardly be expressed in numbers for those affected. In addition, many people have losst most of their of belongings, their economic base and are struggling with major health repercussions.

With our research project, summer floods of 2013, we want to make our contribution to avoid future flood disasters and in case of a flood this more manageable. In the first step of our investigation, we analyze case studies on crisis management in Saxony-Anhalt.

We focus on the interplay between civil society and decision makers. An essential aspect is the question of what contribution was made by citizens' initiatives in crisis management in 2013 and what role they play in the prevention today. It is also about the analysis of decision-making powers of the government and whether the natural disaster can actually be best handled by the existing hierarchies or whether new and flatter decision-making structures are needed.

Based on our research results, we create recommendations and practice manuals for the political and civil society to ensure better and more practical crisis management in order to avoid future disasters, or at least mitigate their consequences significantly. We raise awareness and provide assistance for policy and civil society actors. Through seminars and workshops, we establish direct contact with the citizens and put our findings into practice.

Participation and transparency have a high priority in our research. That is why we have created a dedicated project website that showcases not only more information but a research blog. Here you can actively support us in our research and add comments and questions:

Your financial commitment helps people in the flood area directly and easily by creating the basis for an independent and non-partisan research. We are very grateful for your commitment. All supporters who donate more than 100 € will appear in our final research report that we want to provide a circulation of at least 1000 copies free of charge.
Updated at 09. March 2016