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Closed Let Us Help Conduct Hippotherapy for Disabled Orphans in Zaluchchia!

A project from Ukrainian Philanthropic Network
in Zaluchchia Dolishnie, Ukraine

The Ukrainian Philanthropic Network is raising funds to conduct hippotherapy for disabled orphans at Zaluchchia Orphanage in Ukraine.

V. Futerko
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About this project

Most orphans living at Zaluchchia orphanage are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The children have impaired motor coordination – it is very difficult or sometimes impossible for them to walk without assistance. One of the ways to overcome this severe illness is hippotherapy, i.e. therapeutic horseback riding. This kind of treatment is good because a close positive emotional connection between a patient and a horse is formed, which not only overcomes the fear of riding but also significantly enhances the therapeutic effect.

On 26 April 2014, we handed over to Zaluchchia orphanage a mare trained for hippotherapy – Gloria, and the first hippotherapy session was conducted by a hippotherapist.

From May to August 2014, a professional hippotherapist came two times a week to Zaluchchia orphanage to conduct hippotherapy with a group of children.

However, in September, we did not have the opportunity to pay for a professional hippotherapist anymore (especially for her trips from Kolomyia to Zaluchchia – the distance is approximately 100km both ways).

Despite our repeated requests, the staff of the orphanage were not able to conduct hippotherapy sessions by themselves. Moreover, we had serious doubts that Gloria was kept in appropriate conditions. We were very sorry about the situation since we donated the mare and showed how to conduct the sessions but the orphanage did not manage or possibly was not willing to continue the therapy.

That is why we decided to take Gloria from Zaluchchia orphanage and find a good home for her, where it would be more needed and really help children with disabilities – we handed it over to Vyhoda Rehabilitation and Education Centre. Therefore, we have closed the fundraiser and would like to thank everyone for your donations and help.