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Closed Hope for Women and Girls' Infected and Affected by HIV&AIDS in Cameroon

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L. Lucia
L. Lucia wrote on 15-03-2016

HIV in the rise in Cameroon

Reports from Cameroon National AIDS Control Committee published in 2010 demonstrate that, there are an estimated 560,000 Cameroonians living with HIV. Cameroon has more people living with HIV than either the North African region or the Caribbean. HIV prevalence is growing rapidly, in 1990, there were fewer than 32,000 HIV Positive Cameroonians with Lebialem Inclusive. By 1995, the number increased more than eight times to 264,000 with women accounting for 61%. At these rates, there will be about 726,000 people living with HIV in 2020.Which is why we are targeting this group.

It is based on this rise that Fontem Council has donated $1000 to support the implementation of this project. The project has crated 2 more support groups of women living with HIV with 62 members.

With the support from the Council, 3 training's workshops have been organize to trained women living with HIV on Nutrition, and how to produce banana cake.

We call on all stakeholders to take action
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