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United for Hope - clean water, sanitation and solar energy for rural India

Tirmasahun, India

United for Hope - clean water, sanitation and solar energy for rural India

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United for Hope is an NGO committed to the empowerment of the poor and marginalized in rural India by providing clean water, toilets and renewable energy for a dignified .

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United for Hope is an NGO born out of a love for India and the wish to create more equality in the world. The United for Hope international team works on a volunteer basis to create more dignified and safer living for rural India's desperately poor.

The donated money will go directly to the village of Tirmasahun in the state of Uttar Pradesh, one of the poorest states in India.

Before our work, 87% of the villagers had no access to a toilet.

People had to go into the surrounding fields. Especially for women, this meant an increased safety and disease risk as well as a lack of privacy and hygiene. Diseases spread easily.

United for Hope has already provided toilets to 60 families, paying 90% of the cost. 
Right now we are working with the local administration toward a major milestone: to make Tirmasahun Open Defecation Free. Construction work has started and beside our supervision and reporting work, we carry out extensive awareness campaigns to educate the villagers on the importance of good sanitation habits and to train individuals in maintenance and repair of the toilets. 

Improving the safe drinking water supply is another key project. 
The water in the village is not clean and thus causes serious illnesses. Arsenic is common in the region.
United for Hope has completed construction of a Water House, which houses an environmentally-friendly water purification system. In June 2015, we launched our Clean Water Project, which consists of a water kiosk and a door-to-door water delivery system. A small pay-for-product from the community will ensure the system is maintained and repaired accordingly. The project employs three local people, 80 families have so far signed up for the water delivery service.
The local school and our community centre students receive our clean water free of charge.

Solar energy is another key component in our project, as 60% of the village has no access to electricity. Families rely on kerosene for light, which is both expensive and dangerous. The fumes can cause serious health issues. United for Hope's solar project provides the villagers of Tirmasahun and the surrounding areas with a clean, safe source of solar energy through a microgrid connection and delivery of portable battery kits.

Please help us to make an impact. Support us to change people's life and to create more equality and dignity.

You can find out more about United for Hope on our website: or by following our Facebook page:
All questions around the projects and donations can be addressed to:

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