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Closed Education project Rwanda practical computer lessons for 500 students!

Solafrican registered charitable association plans to build a self-sufficient power supply island - solar system for a school in Rwanda District Kayonza. 1300 students benefit from computer classes.

R. Kleier from Solafrican e.V.Write a message

Solafrican registered non-profit association supported a school in a rural region in the east of Rwanda in the District Kayonza / Sector: Mwiri / Cell: Nyawera and plans to build a stand-alone power supply (island solar system / off grid) to enable a practical computer education with a network of 11 computers and a printer. The school has about 1500 students, with 500 secondary school students will participate directly from the computer lessons. If we add all of the next 10 years high, which corresponds to the scheduled maturity, boys and girls alike supplied with a computer training a total of about 1,300 students. According to the principles of our club as much as possible local labor be integrated. That is a company in Rwanda will make the installation of the system. The partner organization in Rwanda established by the principal of the school with whom we are in close contact is explicitly instructed in the use and maintenance of the plant to ensure a long life. We look forward to your support!