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An aid project by “Habitat for Humanity Deutschland e.V. ” (C. Michalski) in Rach Gia, Vietnam

C. Michalski (Project Manager)

C. Michalski
The “Habitat for Humanity” project in Vietnam attends to 87 children who live on a garbage dump together with their parents in Rach Gia in south-western Vietnam. Because of the harsh living conditions (hardly any income for the parents and homelessness), these children cannot attend school but have to work – just like their parents – as rubbish collectors in order to support their family. They live off remains they find in the garbage. Being illiterate, the children’s parents cannot hope for government aid as they cannot prove or apply for official papers. Without such support, the 87 children will not have access to educational institutions or healthcare either. And so the vicious circle of poverty starts over again.

The aim of “Habitat for Humanity” is to establish a resource center in Rach Gia which, among other things, will guarantee and finance the “garbage kids’” attendance to school and their education. The long-term goal of the resource center is to stand up for the right to education and campaign against child labor. It is also planned to establish an advice and information center which supports parents in looking for permanent employment and helps them with their social integration (application for official papers, literacy campaigns, information on child labor and the importance of education etc.). A further task of the resource center is to make sure that each family secures a decent place to live.

It requires 5,200 Euro to send all school-aged children from the garbage dump to school for one year and equip them with the necessary materials. The children and their families will also get access to medical institutions. At the same time, parents will participate in an integration program.

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Location: Rach Gia, Vietnam

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