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Funded A rehabilitation centre for drug-addicted streetkids

Gathiga, Kenya

Let´s help drug-addicted streetkids from Nairobi, Kenya! Our plan is to build a rehabilitation centre and give those children the opportunity to start a brighter future in a caring environment with food, shelter and education.

Mara W. from children's hope home e.V. | 
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About this project

Most of the children living at the two orphanages of the organisation „childrens hope home“ come from very poor living conditions or were brought directly from the streets of Nairobi. Regulary the volunteers visit the streetkids and try to convince them to join the orphanage where they can have a second chance at a better life. With the help of the orphanage some of these kids went from drug addiction to university students!

Two of the leading factors in drug abuse are hunger and cold. Bringing in street kids that are abusing drugs is not always easy since they are mixed with the other clean children. Due to withdrawl they sometimes run back to the streets and the process starts over.

At the moment, many street kids would be willing to join the orphanages but we don´t have enough space for new children.

Our goal is to build a rehabilitation centre for the street kids. Blueprints and a possible financer for the building are already existing.
What we need now to realize our plans is a property! It will be more than 10.000€ (around 13584 USD) and therefore we need your help!

Let´s take the children from the street and give them the opportunity to start a brighter future!
Updated at 18. September 2020