Funded A Tuktuk for Mwaluphamba area

An aid project by “Hilfe für Kwale District e.V.” (Claudia B.) in Mwaluphamba, Kenya

Claudia B. (Project Manager)

Claudia B.
The laboratory room for the the dispensary in Mwaluphamba is now finished. So it was time to ask Mr. Shambe about the needs of the medical team of this small dispensary in Shimba Hills. We asked him how we can support the team for cases when they are called to an accident or very ill persons how cannot come to the dispensary. Here is his answer:

„… On the issue of assisting those on road accidents and referral of mothers to the dispensary. It is an excellent idea and we have discussed it here at Kwale and asked the health workers at Mwaluphamba Dispensary and recommend:

Motorcycle or Tuktuk motorcycle with 3 wheels and canopy

The government has introduced community strategy involving local communities to identify health problems and referring to dispensaries:
- Expectant mothers
- TB patients who are hiding
- HIV patients who need assistance & exposure to start living without fear
- Screening cancer of the cervix for women at dispensary level for early detection
- Road accidents and falling from heights (trees)

There is also need to send community health workers who are volunteers to:-
- Outreach clinics with nurses
- Get involved in health dialogue days with local community

Hence this motorcycle will be very valuable for the dispensary and community workers and is less expensive to maintain. We would not recommend for real ambulance vehicle because:
-It will need a trained driver, fuel and maintenance is expensive dispensary budget cannot manage its expenses.

Your assistance in this matter will be very helpful and will open eyes to other dispensaries to see as a pilot program at Mwaluphamba Dispensary.

Thank you again for your continued support. …“

A used Tuktuk in good condition costs about 2,000.00 €. Compared the assitance we could give with it this is not much money.

If many are doing a bit we can help a lot of people with this bits.

More information:

Location: Mwaluphamba, Kenya

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  • Headmaster Maneno macht eine erste Probefahrt mit dem Schulmotorrad. Ein herzliches Dankeschön an alle Spender.

    Uploaded at 08-03-2016

  • Das Tuktuk ist fertig ausgerüstet und inzwischen an die Dispensary in Mwaluphamba übergeben worden.

    Uploaded at 14-01-2013

  • Sogar Blaulicht gibts.

    Uploaded at 28-12-2012

  • Das ist das neue Ambulanzfahrzeug für Mwaluphamba. Es fehlt nur noch das Dach.

    Uploaded at 28-12-2012

  • Auch in dieser idyllischen Gegend passieren Unfälle und Menschen werden schwer krank. - Dann brauchen sie HIlfe an Ort und Stelle.

    Uploaded at 04-08-2012

  • Joseph Kengia kommt zwar mit seinem Motorrad überall hin, aber er kann damit keine Verletzten oder Kranke transportieren.

    Uploaded at 04-08-2012

  • Mit so einem Fahrzeug können Kranke und auch werdende Mütter transportiert werden.

    Uploaded at 04-08-2012

  • Uploaded at 08-07-2009