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Closed Support a Tribal Child in India

Support Tribal Children,Tamilnadu, India with New Year Gift 2014 for Education, Clothing, Health, Hygiene, Water and Sanitation, Family Economic Development, Solar Lanterns, Village Library, Nutritional Kitchen Garden and Children Play Parks.

Ramachandran A. from Socio-Economic and Educational Development SocietyWrite a message

Tribal are ethnic minorities in Tamilnadu, India and the most disadvantaged communities of this modern era. Malayali Tribal are one among such groups and are found largely in Eastern Ghats stretches;Kolli Hills of Namakkal District, Tamilnadu, India. These communities are farm dependent coolies and estate workers in large. They find scarce employment locally, mostly coolie in nature and tend to migrate to nearby states like Kerala and Karnataka for coolie works in large farms and estates, mostly 6 months in year. Also 75 % of people are illiterate , malnourished and found frequently sick. Frequent migrations has also let the families deserted and high risk to opportunistic infections like HIV/AIDS etc.

Children of these communities are most affected, who often are left behind in the villages under the care of elders or relatives and also many time taken along the parents for farm coolie works during migration. Lack of proper parental care, nutrition and education has left the children in great agony. These children often drop out from school and are much low educated. It is very much scarce that a child has ever cross 8th grade in schooling. This is high among the girl children, who drop out to take care of their siblings or undertake the family chores in absence of their parents.Most of these girl children are victims of sexual harassment or get married too young.

In such a situation, it is a felt need by SEEDS as a grass root Development Organisation working with these communities, over few year, issues related to child development is in most urge and to be addressed. These children has to come with their disparities in this modern and technological era and the possible solution may be enhanced educational support and family economical support to these deprived children and their family. Other forms of support could be better access to nutrition and health of these children.

Hence, we plead to generous and benevolent hearts world wide to support these children, possibly a few most vulnerable this new year 2014 with small gifts that may do wonders in their life. The suggested gifts are

Educational Kit: Euro 15 to one child
Clothing : Euro 15 to one child
Hygiene Kit : Euro 10 to one Child
Family Economic Development : Euro 75 to one family
Safe Water : Euro 40 to one family
Nutrition through Kitchen Garden : Euro 25 to one family
Solar Lantern : Euro 10 per family
Sanitary Toilet : Euro 150 per family
Village Library : Euro 400 per village

Your noble gestures and a kind act means a lot to these underprivileged children and gift a child this New Year 2014 to help them come out with flying colors in life. The gift will be provided to the children and family on behalf of the donor with a new wish message card and sweets. The progress will be intimated with children writing personally with thanks and love to the donor, if the donor is willing.

Thanking You,
Sincerely Yours,