An aid project by “NEST” (P. Mathew) in Mehrauli, India

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P. Mathew (Project Manager)

P. Mathew
More than 1500 people lives in this slum of Faridbad. The people over here are migrated from the surrounding areas of Delhi and they are very poor and needy. They are daily laborers and rikshaw pullers. The main bread winner is the head of the family and most of the women lives in this village are illitrate and they don't work at all. The head of the family who earn the money for their family has bad habits such drug, alchohol, gambling etc. so whatever they ear it won't come to the family. So we want all the women of the family learn few income generating training so that they can be a asset to the family and control over the family.

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Location: Mehrauli, India

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