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The chance for Kenya - plastic waste recycling as a new ressource

Kitale, Kenya

The chance for Kenya - plastic waste recycling as a new ressource

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Plastic waste problem in Kenya as a chance for a new ressource to produce wood substitutes, for more employment, development, less poverty and with an environmental impact.

A. Hellmann from Growing Seeds of AfricaWrite a message

Kenya has a problem with plastic waste.
This idea includes the use of this waste. Together with agricultre byproducts it is possible to produce Wood Plastic Composites and use this products to substitute wood products. This new product has a lot of benefits. The import of wood will be reduced wich saves the rainforrests. Also has this material a better resistance against the weather and agains insects, like termites.
This projects reduces the waste problems by creating new jobs, more development, less poverty and with a big environmental impact.
With the production of this new material, ther will be an income wich leads in future to work cost effective.

This idea solves a lot of different problems with a social and environmental impact.
The project will become sustainable by selling the products and working cost effective.

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