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Soddom and Scomora

A project from Scomora
in Berlin, Germany

Often known artists have to pay to be allowed to occur, we say No! and to help them to make known to give them a chance. We want to support you and something known machen.Denn everyone has to start small!

A. Scott
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About this project

Did you have the money to pay artists for performances (and not a little one?)
Many think the artist a "easy life" and have a lot of money is the verdienen.Leider not quite like that.
There are (large) music events where you have to bid for an auction by court appearance. So that one is but only when voting. If the voting is going badly the money is gone and the appearance. Thankfully, this approach only a few. But the fact is that most no salary but maximum travel expenses will be paid.
Almost all artists have played for Gage rarest! Once artists are not "known" - even if they in the sales charts at the top-are to be pressed. No salary, and even the travel costs they are sometimes cheated. We help these artists would like to get into something more. Not only is it good what is known! But we want to make this known artists like something! On the one hand we would like to have printed a book series about the artist to make you known to the general public and on the other hand, we would like to take on the appearance fees to allow performances ever.
Whether single or with a monthly donation - any amount helps us! Our association is a non profit organization and now we want our ideas to further develop and to expand the association's activities. Some artists do not see themselves in a position to finance 100% more advertising itself. Also, the financial resources of the Association are exhausted by the promotion. However, we would like to welcome these artists a chance. With the donations we support artists' projects (eg. accept appearance fees or advertisements) and as for her musical progress take a little care and to spread good music of various genres.