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Sponsor education for a street kid in Bhaktapur!

Bhaktapur, Nepal

Sponsor one year of education, a daily lunch and school dress for a street kid in Bhaktapur who could not had any chance to do so for only € 190.-! If you like to engage personally we ensure a regular exchange between sponsor and scholar.

C. Wienhold from SAHAYA Nepal e.V.
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Being capable of reading and writing is opening doors in countries with many analphabets like Nepal. The mission of the elementary school Saraswati Pathshala in Bhaktapur is to provide education to street kids and to children whose parents can not afford the fee for a public school. The next school year is approaching, and your donation gives another child access to school and a prospect of a better future !

Visiting Nepal we got to know the school and its dedicated founder Indra Prasad Khaitu; we were impressed by the significant impact just a little money has to the life of children. The school physically grows since 2007 every year by another term and a new class, currently 150 kids in 7 grades. The school management discusses with the respective families prior to accepting a new kid if the family supports the education; this is anything but self-evident in a country where many children have to work early on to support the family.

We welcome any donation including anonymous support for sure. However, we do favor a personal engagement of our sponsors beyond the payment, and here is why: we know by own experience that a regular 1:1 contact between sponsor and scholar adds a dimension valuable for both parties; you receive 2-3 messages p.a. by the scholar telling about his/her progress at school and about the daily life in Nepal. Maybe you also like to share aspects of your life? This makes a great insight for the kid and probably for school mates to the Western life! So we kindly ask you to register at BetterPlace before you donate or to share your contact details with us via our website or mail us at; so we can relate you to your sponsored scholar.

Of course we hope for a sustainable engagement accompanying the scholar through the terms; however, we on purpose re-check annually for your continued support allowing you to decide every year if to continue.

Read more about the school, the vison and its mission at the website of the local organization TOIT ( and our site