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Blocked Teaching libraries in Mongolia and Cambodia

Arvaikheer, Mongolia

Blocked Teaching libraries in Mongolia and Cambodia

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BOOKBRIDGE establishes education centers, trains teachers and supplies schools with books.

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Over 800 million people all over the world do not have the opportunity to go to school. The rate of illiteracy in some regions of Asia and Africa exceeds 40%. Unemployment, urbanization and exploitation are the consequences. BOOKBRIDGE has a tangible solution to face all these challenges: Offering opportunities for self-help through books and education.

Our foundation facilitates access to education by establishing and supporting libraries and education centers in countries with education imbalance. Cultural and linguistic diversity is of great importance to us in this process.

We focus on supporting access to education, increasing education quality as well as creating jobs in the area of education. We also convey the importance of education by involving children and young people in the gathering and sorting of books and even the creation of teaching material in their native tongues.

The education centers cooperate tightly with educational institutions such as schools and universities as well as the ministry of education. In order to offer services to children for free, we encourage the centers to charge fees to adults and companies. These fees are aimed to enable the centers to become independent of donations in the mid-term. In this way, services of the book bridge are available to all parts of society.

Six education centers in Mongolia were established so far (in Arvaikheer, Bulgan, Zunkharaa, Govi-Altai, Ullistay und Baganuur). An additional center in the province Khuvsgul is planned to open in autumn 2011. Furthermore, we plan to open two more centers in Siem Reap and Takeo by the end of 2011.

Every donation counts and is used where it is needed most!

BOOKBRIDGE uses donations for equipping libraries and creating education centers together with our local partners. We also enable people to experience the impact of their own work by offering volunteer programs to help build the centers. We particularly involve children in Europe and the USA in the gathering and sorting of books. In this way, we cultivate both ends of the “bridge”.

Our organization basically works as a small social business. We aim at becoming financially self-sustained in the mid-term. Already today, we use 100% of our donations directly where they are needed.

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