Closed Bunny from Philippines needs school-supplies

An aid project by G. Falkenstein in Calamba, Philippines

G. Falkenstein (Project Manager)

G. Falkenstein
This is the little girl Bunny, her family is one of the poorest, living in a squatter area near Manila/Philippines.
Bunny's home war destroyed during a typhoon, all is away, the toys, clothes, things of daily needs....Bunny was so ill, she was for a long while in hospital.
Now the family is living in a hut of cardboard, plastic tarp. The next typhoom will be terrible...

They need all.

Please help us to help Bunny.
She was so happy to get a new school bag.

(Excuse my mistakes, but I'm no native speaker.)

More information:

Location: Calamba, Philippines

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  • So groß ist sie jetzt schon.... und kommt in die 6. Klasse.

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