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SOG Scholarship Program in Kindu (DR Kongo)

Studieren Ohne Grenzen offers a scholarship program in Kindu in the Eastern DR Congo. The program supports motivated individuals in Kindu with a scholarship grant.

Dominik W. from Studieren Ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V.Write a message

Since October 2007, Studieren Ohne Grenzen offers a scholarship program in Kindu in the Eastern DR Congo. The program supports motivated individuals in Kindu with a scholarship grant. The grant assures access to university courses by covering tuition fees and through financial support for study materials. In addition, fellows receive subsidy for everyday expenses and are supported in case of illness. Altogether, the financial support amounts to ca. 1,200 Euro per year per student.

Goals of the program

The scholarship program aims at more than just supporting academic studies. Thanks to the commitment of the supported students, the scholarship program intends to achieve a broader social impact:

Motivated individuals in a war-torn region are empowered and gain new perspectives.
Students are qualified for shaping the reconstruction of their country.
Communities profit from the multiplier effect created by the projects of scholarship fellows.
In the long run, we intend to contribute to the education of a new generation that is not part of the powerful and rich elite, and that pursues a constructive development approach which it is able to concretely realize. We believe that this is particularly important in the DRC, as the existing elites often attained their positions by corruption and were sometimes even involved in war crimes. Deliberately, there is also a focus on peripheral regions that tend to be neglected in political decision-making.
Concretely, this means that we consider the scholarship grants to be a first step which is supplemented by the personal projects and the social commitment of the fellows, allowing a larger target group to profit from the scholarship program.

Responsibilities and Partnerships

Studieren Ohne Grenzen is represented in Kindu by Apolline Vumbi and Basile Munonena who run the office together and contribute to the support of the scholarship students. They are in touch with university authorities and maintain contact to our local partners.

The German local groups involved in the implementation of the scholarship program are Tübingen and Freiburg. While the team in Freiburg is in charge of sponsorship relations, the team in Tübingen is responsible for mentoring scholarship students in their studies and personal projects, as well as facilitating contact with staff and partners in Kindu.

Exchange between the people responsible in Kindu and Germany is carried out through virtually daily contact via e-mail, providing a firm footing for the coordination of the program: In spite of the distance the team in Germany has a reliable basis for its decisions thanks to the close exchange and the local expertise of Apolline Vumbi and Basile Munonena.
Moreover, Studieren Ohne Grenzen is in contact with various organizations and partners in Kindu, that we can consult when deciding on more complex or long-term issues.
Particularly close is our cooperation with the Congolese non-government