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Kollektives handeln für grenzenlose Humanität – Winternothilfe für Calais!

A project from Das KOLLEKTIV e.V.
in Calais, France

Das KOLLEKTIV e.V. ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein aus Bochum. Wir initiieren punktuell Spendenaktionen & Hilfsprojekte für geflüchtete Menschen an Europas Außengrenzen.

Judith Büthe
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About this project

  • The KOLLEKTIV is a registered non-profit association that initiates aid projects on a point-by-point basis and supports existing projects with and for refugees, among others. supports at the European external borders:

  • In late autumn 2019 we received a request from a close friend on Lesbos asking to start a call for sleeping bag donations for the people of the former Moria camp.

Our initiative bag4good became the association Das KOLLEKTIV.

In November we started a new thing and money donation campaign in close coordination with local NGOs, which we were already able to bring into the projects, or better: specifically, to the people.

This year we called for the support of the refugees who are stuck in catastrophic conditions in the north of France: from Calais to Grande-Synthe to Dunkirk.

The donation campaign in kind ended at the end of November, donations will continue to be needed for the purchase of additional sleeping bags and will be gratefully accepted!

Please help us to get the people in Calais and the surrounding area through the winter - at least a little more tolerably and human!

Find out more about how you can help and get in contact with us: