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A project from Keren Hayesod Vereinigte Israel Aktion e.V.
in gondar, Ethiopia

60 Euro per Child can help us with food supply for children at the age of 0-5 awaiting with their parents for Aliya. 267 Children needs our support. If not us than who?

U. Lehavi
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About this project

Today, there are more than 156,000 Jews of Ethiopian origin living in Israel, including over 40% of whom are Israeli-born. 
Unfortunately, many family members of Ethiopian immigrants who arrived in Israel over the past few decades were unable to prove their Jewish heritage and consequently left behind in Ethiopia.

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews are waiting to make Aliyah and their reunification with immediate family members in Israel remains one of our highest priorities.

The civil war in Ethiopia and its bloodshed adds further strife to the already dire situation among Ethiopian Jews awaiting their Aliyah in Ethiopia.

The Jewish Agency operates a feeding and nutrition program for malnourished infants and children ages 0-5, however additional support is urgently needed to ensure that people can maintain basic nutrition at cost of ca. 15.000 Euro for 263 Children