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#SheCAN- Empowering Refugee Women

A project from Kiron Open Higher Education gGmbH
in Berlin, Germany

The #sheCAN campaign aims to empower 200 refugee women through education to support them on their path towards a self-determined life

Kathrin Dischereit
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About this project

In this season of giving, Kiron wants to raise awareness and funds to support hundreds of female refugees and displaced women on their path towards a self-determined life. For this reason we are running the #sheCAN campaign to empower women through education. Within the scope of the campaign we hope to target 200 female refugees based in Europe within 12 months. The women will be supported through a mentoring program, receive language support and have access to internship opportunities. Furthermore Kiron will organise a Women's Support Network which will consist of 2 online and 2 offline events.