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RT37 Virtual Christmas Market

A project from Round Table 37 Ravensburg
in Ravensburg, Germany

Our Christmas market has been cancelled for the second year in a row due to Corona. However, this is the main source of income for us, which is why we are launching a virtual Christmas market this year. Have a look!

Pascal Birkle
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About this project

50 years Round Table Christmas Market Ravensburg. In 1971, mulled wine was served for the first time by the RT37 and as it turns out today, with full success. We are the meeting point at the Christmas market with the best mulled wine, mulled cider, punch and the sweetest waffles.

This anniversary we wanted to celebrate big with you, because Christmas market for us means conviviality, joy and friends, fun, warm drinks, delicious waffles and at the same time do something good.

However, as everyone knows, the Christmas market had to be cancelled for the second year in a row. However, we still don't want to miss the anniversary, which is why we are launching our virtual Christmas market this year, inviting you all to celebrate with us.

Of course, some of the aspects mentioned above are omitted compared to a live market, but the most important one remains:
Together we can achieve something good, because through the proceeds of our Christmas market (live or virtual) we finance all our social projects and activities. 100% of your support goes to good causes.

So scroll down to our virtual Christmas market, visit us there and leave us a greeting (donation).

We thank you for your years of support and hope to see you again next year.
Stay healthy, your RT37-Team

About us and our projects:
We believe that we can change ourselves and society positively through our personal efforts and friendship. To achieve this goal we found each other in the Round Table Ravensburg.

In addition to our long-standing service projects such as "Kinderwünsche" and "Leuchttürme Oberschwabens" (Lighthouses of Upper Swabia), which are particularly close to our hearts, we support numerous other social projects, mainly from the region or within the Ravensburg district. In many individual cases, which are brought to us by various social institutions, we try to cushion social hardship cases of our social life with small means and active "hands-on" help (e.g. replacement for a defective washing machine, replacement or initial equipment for children's beds/mattresses, installation of a kitchen, etc.).
As a rule, we support individual actions or projects in the areas of education & culture, children & youth development as well as support for people in need. We deal with each request in detail at our regular table evenings.