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KNALLBRAUSE - Theater festival

A project from Freies Ensemble Jedermann e. V.
in Leipzig, Germany

KNALLBRAUSE is a solidary, inclusive and nonprofessional author’s theater festival of Leipzig’s independent theater scene, that will take place in August 2022 for the first time. The festival will be carried out at the Budde-Haus in Leipzig-Gohlis.

Max Latinski
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About this project

With the KNALLBRAUSE festival, the Freie Ensemble Jedermann wants to create its own contact point for non-professional authors' theater in Leipzig and the surrounding area for the first time. The project is about supporting young artists through performance opportunities and fees on the one hand and strengthening Leipzig's independent theater scene on the other.
The festival also pursues an inclusive approach: for example, people with and without physical or mental disabilities are to appear together on stage in various productions. Non-German-language projects are also to be shown in order to facilitate access for people without German language skills. In addition, we want to pay special attention to the representation and visualization of socially marginalized groups on stage. 
In terms of content, we want to cover as diverse a spectrum as possible instead of narrowing the view to one topic. Instead, the focus remains on the question of production and (re)presentation: How do we write, rehearse? How do we perform? How can we subvert existing power structures in the theater scene in the production process? How can we make marginalized groups visible in writing, staging and performing?
Finally, the festival should also be solidary from an economic point of view: In order to give everyone the opportunity to be part of the festival as an audience member, we are creating different price categories. This way, participants can decide for themselves how much they can and want to pay for admission.