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Construction of a new infirmary for sick and injured dogs

A project from Cani dell‘OASI ARGO Calabria e.V.
in Ciro Marina, Italy

For the sick, injured, starving dogs of the OASI ARGO, we would like to set up an infirmary in the Rifugio, where the dogs can be housed separately, cared for and treated quickly and without stress, and recover in peace.

Monika Mainka
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About this project

We are planning to build a large infirmary at OASI ARGO, where particularly sick, injured or needy dogs and cats can be cared for and housed until they are healthy again and have been rehabilitated so that they can leave it and be released for placement. In addition, every animal needs an initial examination, vaccinations and other health treatments.
Quick treatment options, short transport routes, less stress for the animals and a considerable reduction in costs are the goals of this project. 
In order to realise this project, we need 40,000€ for the necessary containers alone, without furnishings.
The individual containers will be divided into the following areas:

Infirmary for dogs
Sick bay for cats
Surgical area
Area for infectious / contagious dogs
Area for infectious / contagious cats
Medication and medical equipment area
Changing and disinfection room
Storage room
Visiting room