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Christmas parcel campaign for Ukraine 2021

A project from S´Einlädele gGmbH
in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Pack a Christmas parcel online for children, families or senior citizens in need in Ukraine and send a little light of hope to someone who very likely would not have received a Christmas present without you.

V. Höhlein
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About this project

A surprise gift from the heart for people in Ukraine
For people in Ukraine, Christmas often comes without presents. Especially in the continuing uncertainty in the country due to the conflict with Russia and the Corona pandemic, there is often a lack of necessities. You can make a difference here and give people hope and joy. Pack a Christmas parcel online and invite your friends, family and neighbours to join in too.
With volunteers in Freiburg, we take care of the packing and transport to Ukraine.
We have been carrying out this campaign for many years and have meanwhile gained very trustworthy partners in Ukraine who help us to carry it out on the spot. This way, every parcel gets its right recipient.