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Action for Happiness - Happiness Weekend 2022

A project from Action for Happiness Deutschland e.V.
in Johannesberg, Germany

Our goal is to hold a free weekend for participants on the theme of happiness, creating a happier, kinder and more shared world.

Tobias Polzin
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About this project

We, Action for Happiness Deutschland e.V., are a non-profit organisation with the goal of contributing to a happier and more sustainable world by strengthening well-being and compassion. We offer, for example, a monthly calendar with impulses for a happier life, donation-based online courses and numerous other free offers. We are supported entirely by volunteers. Our parent organisation in England was founded in 2011 by a well-known economist and pioneer of happiness research, Lord Richard Layard. The patron of our organisation is none other than the Dalai Lama himself.
In order to come closer to our goal of a happier and more sustainable world, we will hold a three-day Happiness Weekend for the German-speaking region on 17, 18 and 19 June 2022. Our motto: Happier! Friendlier! Together! From people to people. The planned venue is the SeminarZentrum Rückersbach near Aschaffenburg.
And, for this, we need your support with a donation.
The total cost of the event is expected to be 30,000 Euro. This includes the costs for the seminar rooms, as well as the catering costs for the participants and also the accommodation costs. In the spirit of our work for social justice, the more donations we receive, the more people we can offer the opportunity to participate. In this context, your support represents a "Random Act of Kindness" that will make you and your fellow human beings happier - in line with our Action for Happiness philosophy.
We would be delighted to have you as supporter. Even small contributions help us to carry out this great event. Help us to bring people together to meet and share about well-being and compassion.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our organising team - write an email to:

You can find more information about our event here

Meeting rooms for happiness programme
Several seminar rooms for the three days full of happiness with a wide variety of offers.

Conference package Happiness Weekend
The conference package includes coffee breaks with pastries, cold drinks and lunch for all participants. Of course, everything is also available vegetarian and vegan. 

Overnight stay in a single room
39 single rooms in the seminar centre with two overnight stays including breakfast (also vegetarian and vegan)

Overnight stay in a double room
33 double rooms in the seminar centre with two overnight stays including breakfast (also vegetarian and vegan). The rooms can be booked as single but also as double occupancy. Therefore, we have a mixed calculation here.

Dinner for all participants
Two dinners together, of course again with vegetarian and vegan choices.