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nepia goes nature!

A project from nepia e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Through day trips to the forrests surrounding Berlin, we want to support kids from Neukölln to explore nature through games and guided activities.

Mona Braun
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About this project

Why do leafs change their color in autumn? How do different trees spread their seeds? And how do animals prepare for winter? Together with kids from Neukölln, we want to answer these and other related questions. The children will have the opportunity to explore nature guided by a certified forestry educator and two volunteers. However, based on our beliefs, we aim to balance guided activities with games and space for question and spontaneous adventures.

The day trips to the forrests sourrounding Berlin are open to all interested children from Neukölln. We aim to reach especially children with few or no prior experience with nature. Thus, we plan the trips to be free of charge for the children.  

We need you in order to achieve this! Currently, we have four trips planned to Melchow and to Märkische Schweiz on weekends from mid October to late November 2021. The kids are already excited! :)