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Setting up a new aid organization

A project from Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V.
in Basthorst, Germany

Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V. (Compassion in Action) is a new humanitarian aid organization, which primarily helps children and women to help themselves through food, schooling and vocational training. Help us help, it's worth it!

Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V.
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About this project

Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V. (Compassion in Action) is a humanitarian aid organization in it's beginnings, founded by Buddhists, but not set up for religious purposes and open to all. Short introduction via film:  Our motivation is to promote sustainable help for self-help in countries with weak development. Currently, we support a school home in Bangladesh, a girls' home in India, rice scholarships for girls in Cambodia, education for marginalized single or single-parent women through vocational training in Cameroon, persecuted minorities in Myanmar, nomadic children in Mongolia and the promotion of well construction and agricultural aid in Senegal. Our support secures the livelihood and future prospects of those affected by hardship by providing food and education. Further donations are urgently needed for this. In 2021, we were already able to provide direct aid to Dalith families in Nagpur, India, who were badly infected by the COVID virus. Also in 2022 we would like to carry out again a direct aid in crisis areas beside our current projects. The association's membership fees cover all administrative costs, so we can assure that 100% of all project donations go to direct aid on the ground without deduction.

Please help us to help. Because many small lights make this world brighter - especially in these difficult times due to the pandemic and climate change, all help is urgently needed. For more information, please visit: