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Sea rescue in the central Mediterranean: We need a ship!

A project from SeaPunks e.V.
in Bad Kreuznach, Germany

The Mediterranean is one of the deadliest refugee routes in the world. We will act. Starting with 60.000€ we can monitor human rights compliance with a sailing boat, with 130.000€ we can rescue people in distress with a sailing ship, with 280.000€ we

Sea Punks e.V.
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About this project

After having converted the "Rise Above" into a rescue ship for the central Mediterranean together with Mission Lifeline e.V. over the past two years, we want to send another ship as the need for civil search and rescue is as pressing as ever.
Our decision was clear: We have to help!
The way, in which we will be able to do so, depends on the amount of donations we will raise with your support.
We have developed different concepts for missions based on the type of ship we will be able to afford. Our campaign is therefore designed in stages:
Human rights monitoring with a sailing boat (starting from 60.000€):
If we are able to raise 60.000€ and more, we can afford to buy a sailing boat, including the necessary repairs and modifications, to monitor human rights compliance in the Mediterranean. The purpose of such missions is to document the numerous push-backs, the EU’s failure to render assistance as well as its turning a blind eye at this extremely deadly external border.
Search and Rescue with a sailing ship (starting from 130.000€):
If the donations reach a total amount of 130,000€ and more, we can buy a larger sailing ship, with which we are able to actively go on search and rescue missions.
This type of ship can contribute to fill the need for rescue vessels in the Mediterranean. 
Since there is little deck space to accommodate rescued persons, such ship will depend on prompt assistance from either the competent authorities or larger rescue vessels in order to get people to safety. 
However, we believe this type of mission is also vital to save lives in the Mediterranean.
Emergency medical care, supplying people with water and food and caring for those in particular need of protection are all possible even with this smaller type of ship.
Search and Rescue vessel (starting from 280.000€):
If we reach 280,000€ in donations and more, we can send a full-fledged search and rescue vessel. Missions of this type of ship look significantly different and require a completely different kind of preparation, cooperation and financing.
A professional ship's crew, from captain to engineer to deck crew, ensures smooth operation that makes even large rescues possible. With such rescue ship, we can adequately provide for people on board for several days, which is necessary more and more frequently due to state’s repression.
Missions with this type of ship entail substantial costs. However, we are also prepared for this scenario and are in touch with other actors engaged in civil search and rescue, who make solidarity at sea possible.
Our goal is to raise money until the end of the year, so that we can go on our first mission next summer at the latest.
In the meantime, we are looking for suitable ships in order to be able to start preparing for the mission from the beginning of 2022.
 Now it's up to you: Help us raise as much money as possible!
 Thank you!