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Create primeval forests within Brandenburg!

A project from Berliner Waldfreunde e.V.
in Brandenburg, Germany

We are committed to creating biodiversity and absorbing CO2! To this end, we protect forests we have acquired and create “tomorrow's primeval forests”.

Sebastian Schuster
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About this project

The forest is dying and mixed stands are giving way to monocultures. This destroys habitats, threatens biodiversity and makes the soil sterile. Forests are being cut down all over the world, leading to accelerated species extinction. If you cut the tree, it releases the carbon dioxide. This accelerates climate change, which in turn has a negative impact on our forests. A spiral is beginning to turn: Summers are getting hotter and drier, and periods of drought are longer and more intense. The woody stock is no longer resilient. A rainy summer does not make up for the drought.
Mixed forests are not only more resilient than monocultures, they also enable biodiversity. This is essential for a functioning forest. Because: Only a diverse ecosystem is a healthy one that can guarantee biodiversity. According to Greenpeace, human intervention in nature accelerates the extinction of species hundreds to a thousand times. Humans fragment and destroy habitats and exploit the raw materials of our planet. It randomly spreads invasive species. And the spiral continues to turn.

Our vision is therefore to buy a forests in Brandenburg and to operate near-natural silviculture in accordance with our statutes. We avoid human intervention as much as possible, the forest is allowed to regulate itself. Trees are allowed to grow old and dead wood remains because it provides a habitat for animals, fungi and plants. Ants, beetles, insects, spiders, worms, etc. - they are all welcome in our small ecosystem.

  • We want a change now and here, not just in 2035.
  •  We want a diverse forest that distinguishes itself in its age structure and biodiversity from the neighboring monocultures.
  •  We want to lend a hand and not wait for others.
  •  We create nest boxes, insect hotels, bat boxes, brick nests for blindworms and caves for reptiles.
  •  We want to shape this project with our children, bring them closer to the forest. and convey a way of dealing with nature.
  •  We want to create and maintain living space and diversity

We have already founded a non-profit association that will act as the future owner of the forest.

For the purchase of the forests we now need YOU! Everyone can make a contribution and support us, no matter how much.