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A project from Amatsiko Child - Hope for Children e. V.
in Wakiso, Uganda

"Help us to offer orphans in Uganda a safe home, to provide for them every day and to give them access to education. "

Alex Kanobaire
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About this project

In Mityana, Uganda, 30 orphans live in a former school building under the care of the Kikumbi Foundation, struggling through life every day. Help us to offer the "Kikumbi children" a safe home, to provide for them every day, to give them access to education and to support them in projects that will help them to become independent in the long term.

What is needed?
Education! A school term costs around €65 / $75 per child plus school materials. 
Additionally we work on other important projects where your donation would be of great help: 
  • Horticulture (mainly) 
  • Sewing projects (e.g. menstrual pads)
  • Rabbit breeding 
How can you help? 
  • €30/$35 monthly can secure access to education for one of the children! 
  • €50/$60 monthly can provide 25 kilos of rice and 40 kilos of beans! 
  • €100/$115 monthly will send two children to school and buy soap and toothpaste for everyone! 
  • A one-time donation of €25/$30 can provide school supplies for one child! 
  • A one-time donation of €50/$60 can be used for buying Garden hoses!
  • A one-time donation of €200/$230 can finance a full school year for one child or a sewing machine! 
For more information about the Kikumbi Foundation visit: 
For more information about our organization and projects visit: 

The Kikumbi Foundation was founded by Godfrey Muwanga and Veronica Hassuna who both dedicate their life to help orphans and street kids in Uganda. We work together with them since 2021 and even visited them in October :)