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Overview of direct donations to our organisation

You can not only donate to a certain project in particular but also to our organisation in general. These direct donations will be forwarded by us to those projects that need your support the most. This table shows the projects that have received our forwarded donations.

BaLiMa - Wastemanagement on Bali€10.00
Zentrale Wasserversorgung über Tiefbrunnen€10.00
The children's home Eliya€10.00
Nicaragua - Solarstrom für "Los Guatuzos"€10.00
Improving water and power supply for schools in Ma€10.00
Berufsschule für Erneuerbare Energie in Senegal€10.30
Solarstrom zum Nachbauen€10.00
Tanzania: technical support for the Chonyonyo Secondary School€50.00
Bildung braucht Energie - Photovoltaik-Anlage für eine Schule€20.00
Open-Source Kleinst-Wasserkraftanlage "WIL250"€10.00
Initiative Rising Star: new school buildings for Hopley€10.00
Water Supply for Girls' Secondary School Chonyonyo€30.00
Water and Pasture Management: Strategies for arid and rural areas€10.00
Nepal: long-term support for the earthquake victims€290.00
Biogas support for Tanzania - BiogaST €40.00
Donations that can still be forwarded to projects€0.10


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A. Fiseni
A. Jung
A. Feldmann
A. Jahnel
R. Freiburg
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A. Blanke
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B. Reinartz
B. Reuter
B. Meister
B. Emmermacher
Carolin D.
C. Sauerborn
C. Ballert
C. Schell
C. Tews
C. Pultar
C. Winkler
C. Süssemilch
C. Schulze
D. Buhren
D. Schödel
Joelle R.
Ella B.
E. Wieckowski
F. Kähler
F. Vogel
f. kretschmer
F. Möllenbrok
G. Krüger
Gerhard L.
G. Liwanetz
H. Huber
I. Holfelder
irmela b.
J. Reher
J. Febrer
Joachim M.
J. Krumpen
J. Riexinger
J. Ullwer
J. Ratzel
J. Bauer
J. Schippers
Julian K.
Karsten B.
K. Dreimann
K. Köhler
K. Dietrich
K. Schmidtke
K. Albrecht
K. Schwemmer
Lara M.
Lena W.
M. Meinert
M. Plechaty
M. Glaser
Mario H.
M. Hädrich
Martin S.
Martin W.
M. Zimmermann
M. Kant
M. Bolland
M. Koopmann
M. Buchholz
Moritz S.
Niels D.
N. Zickermann
P. Stärz
P. Giefer
P. Otter
Philipp S.
Rebekka D.
R. Langheinrich
richard k.
Robert T.
R. Grab
R. Tempel
S. Petzold
S. Werner
S. Deul
S. Clark
S. Puteanus
Simon S.
S. Bösemann
S. Herold
S. Wilhelm
S. Wonhöfer
S. Peters
Steffen R.
S. Baier
S. Metzger
S. Dzajic
S. Voigt
T. Trupp
Thi Lan N.
T. Straub
T. Gutjahr
W. Berg

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