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CamP Group gGmbH

managed by H. Cameron (Communication)

About us

CamP Group gGmbH develops education projects using tools of democratic and sport pedagogical approaches in order to strengthen social and political participation of children and adolescents, women and people with migration background. Through the implementation of successful projects, CamP Group gGmbH contributes to societal inclusion of disadvantaged groups and people all over the world.
Our goal is to reach education equality and actively promote societal engagement.

Our projects comprise the participation of children and adolescents within the scope of shaping their neighbourhood and environment (RespAct), strengthen girls and young women through sports, leadership programs and prevention of violence in South Africa (Boxgirls) as well as the encounter, promotion of language skills and communication between welcome classes and regular classes in German schools (JumpIn).

The scientific approach to implement efficient management structures and our passion for solving social grievances are a mark of CamP Group’s work. We want to bolster society from within and contribute to a better living together.
CamP Group gGmbH wants to create permanent local and international networks in order to reach long-ranging and sustainable social improvements.

Support CamP Group gGmbH with your donation! For equal opportunities. For sustainable education projects.

Latest project news

Hilf uns die Wintermagie zu finden!

  Nicole E.  30 November 2017 at 12:11 PM

Wir suchen die Wintermagie und laden dich ein uns dabei zu helfen. Durch deine Spende hilfst du uns sie zu finden und erhälst ein Gute Tat Ticket*.

1. Drucke dein Ticket aus. 2. Schneide dein Ticket aus. 3. Vollbringe eine Gute Tat für jemanden.  4. Füllt eure Namen ins Ticket. 5. Schickt uns ein Foto von euch mit dem Gute Tat Ticket.
Einfach per Email an mit dem Betreff „Gute Tat“ schicken oder bei Facebook mit dem Hashtag #SupportMagicund #GuteTat öffentlich teilen.

*Jedes Gute Tat Ticket nimmt an unserer Verlosung teil. Der Gewinner wird am 29.12.17 ausgelost.

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