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JOBLINGE - Gemeinsam gegen Jugendarbeitslosigkeit

managed by Beate K.

About us

The vision of the JOBLINGE initiative is to make a visible and sustainable contribution to the fight against youth unemployment.
We pursue this objective by mobilizing the strongest social powers under JOBLINGE and bundling different competencies to enable disadvantaged, unemployed youths earn themselves a job or apprenticeship in a six months programme. "Helping people to help themselves" is thus at the center of our concept, which aims to demonstrate an innovative and transferable path to the solution of social challenges.

With its more than 30 locations across Germany, JOBLINGE has been able to support more than 10,000 youths, with placement rates far above the average, at 75%. Retention rate is above 80%.
The initiative has applied the expertise behind these excellent rates in the placement and integration of disadvantaged youths in the first labor market to the refugee crisis in Germany in 2016.

Latest project news

Wir haben 599,62 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Beate K.  17 June 2020 at 07:02 PM

Wir freuen uns, Spendengelder für unser JOBLINGE Programm erhalten zu haben. Ohne unsere Unterstützer und Spender wäre unsere Arbeit nicht möglich. Dank Ihnen konnten bereits mehr als 10.000 Jugendliche ihren Weg in Ausbildung und Arbeit finden. Danke, dass Sie Zukunft spenden!

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