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managed by R. Bernau (Communication)

About us

streetfootballworld believes in the unique power of football to change lives and bring people together behind a common goal.

Our mission is to strengthen a worldwide network of over 100 grassroots organisations in more than 60 countries that use football to help young people overcome challenges like poverty, disease and lack of education. In 2011 alone the network empowered over 600,000 young people.

We support network members through capacity development programmes, by providing access to funding, facilitating the exchange of expertise and developing new partnerships—because stronger network members mean better opportunities for the young people who need them most.

streetfootballworld aims to reach out to 2 million young people worldwide every year by 2015. To achieve our goal, we need everyone to join the game—Are you in?

Latest project news

Latest news

I received a payout of €201.00

  R. Bernau  12 September 2017 at 03:55 PM

Streetfootball Stadiums are mobile pitches that can be used just about anywhere.
These 'pop up' arenas allow community organisations to assemble playing spaces for special events and programmes, bringing the power of play to youth in underserved areas.

Recognised football for good organisations from 7 countries in the region have manufactured the pitches with support of local designers, developed specific curriculums to harness the power of football3.

More than 10 social issues were covered: gender inclusion, violence prevention, drug addiction and alcoholism prevention, life skills, community development, infrastructure, safe spaces to play, life project.

Objective: Provide visibility and safe spaces to play for players with physical and cognitive disabilities, through daily practices that help develop their personal skills while engaging their communities. Ensuring a process that naturalise full respect and equal participation of all people, regardless of their condition.

Achievements among others: (Example)
With the pitch, they have been able to invite decision-makers and professional athletes to their program, showcasing the power of people with motor and cognitive challenges, when they are given opportunities to become empowered. This achievement brings new opportunities for the beneficiaries of the program, making their families and communities proud of them and putting them on local governemnts agendas. This only, already represents a huge change of the life conditions of such vulnerable group.

Blind players now have a place to train safely, using the pitches structure to guide their game. It's the first time they can access such a structure that really allows them to be safe and become better players. The blind soccer team is now training for national tournaments in the pitch.

8 different implementation models were designed and started implementation, showcasing how dynamic and flexible the mobile pitches are.
- 94 % of the implementors promote Violence Prevention
- 89 % of the implementors promote Gender Equality and tackle Domestic Violence
- 84 % of the implementors promote leaderships and tackle Alcohol and Substance Abuse
- 73 % of the implementors promote Inclusion
- 20 % of the implementors work with minorities groups including people with disabilities and indigenous communities

The project has motivated grassroots organisations into systematising their methodologies, reaching out to new cities and neighbourhoods, developing content for schools, Football teams and companies that have seen the power of the Football for good. Alongsside the direct resuslts for participants, these organisations are becoming more powerful, professional, and recognised and some started developing sustainability and income generation projects with the pitch.

The projects are fully implemented in 7 countries. The current donation retrieval will be used to further fund these projects in Latin America such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentinia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Mexico.

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