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Deutsches Rotes Kreuz OV Sankt Augustin e. V.

managed by Marlon Waldau

About us

Currently, 12 women and 14 men from various professional backgrounds belong to the Sankt Augustin Readiness Team. They all work according to the principles of the German Red Cross. The members work exclusively on a voluntary basis. In Sankt Augustin we are involved in civil protection with a "medical component in the 1 & 2.Einsatzheinheit" as well as a "Trupp Technik und Sicherheit" of the 2nd Einsatzeinheit (DRK) in the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis. The "platoon leader" of the 2nd task force is also provided by Sankt Augustin. Furthermore, we are active in medical and blood donation services as well as in training and further education. Furthermore, there is a group of the Youth Red Cross in Sankt Augustin with about 30 children and young people as well as 6 group leaders.


Friedrich Hegel Stra├če 38
Sankt Augustin

Marlon Waldau

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