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Bündnis Verantwortungsvoller Mobilfunk Deutschland

managed by Michaela

About us

The Bündnis Verantwortungsvoller Mobilfunk Deutschland represents 93 citizens' initiatives, associations and organizations on 5G, mobile communications and electrosensitivity. Our goal:
- To demand the principle of precaution for 5G and other wireless technologies from politicians to protect public health
- to demand from policy makers and industry a significant reduction in mobile phone limits
- enforce a national 5G moratorium until an independent technology assessment has been conducted
- educate and raise public awareness of the risks associated with the deployment and use of non-ionizing radio frequency waves such as cell phones, W-LAN, smart meters, etc.
We bundle information and promote its distribution, cooperate with environmental and consumer organizations and associations as well as scientists of integrity who are committed to both protecting life and the environment and providing comprehensive information.




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