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Ameer Gulf Islamic Foundation

managed by Shezy Khan

About us

This Organization is a community-based organization that seeks to help in building Boys MADRASA, Girls MADRASA, MOSQUE as well as patients and families affected by COVID-19 and other related illnesses. Currently,we have many nearby villages where MADRASA & MOSQUE are under construction as well as many patients suffering from various types of disease and need food in our local area in India. At our organization, we aim at giving them the best kind of support possible. This includes providing construction stuff to MADRASA & MOSQUE and medicine, affordable therapies, and screening to ill people. Additionally, we provide emotional support and encouragement to those families affected by this disease in one way or the other.

Owing to the increased rate of construction stuff for MADRASA & MOSQUE we are not capable of However, our major setback is financial limitations. Construction stuff, Treatment as well as foodstuff are very much expensive. Therefore, we are asking you to kindly donation


Uttar Pradesh

Shezy Khan

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