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Greenify Zanzibar

managed by Daud Salum

About us

Greenify Zanzibar is my odea to plant trees in order to preserve the environment and save the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Due to urban sprawl, lack of adequate environmental education, or deforestation for human consumption, many trees have been cut down. So I decided to start a program to restore native trees and fruit trees. As we know the importance of trees especially mangroves, and large trees play big roll in everyday.
Greenify Zanzibar project,
I started to plant 500 of several species of trees.
3000 mangroove and introducing mangrove nursery and I want to meet my goal to plant as many trees as possible. 2. Detail what the fund will be used for

The money will be used for the purchase of trees, fertilizers, management of nursery, planted and to ensure that the people have access to a seminar to take care of the environment.
There will also be the cost of purchasing working equipment such as seedling bags, shovels, and other related goods.



Daud Salum

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