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The Paideia Project

managed by Mwenya Mwamba

About us

My name is Mwenya Mwamba from Zambia, Africa. I am the founder of the Paideia Project which is an educational initiative using visual aids and innovative ideas for quality education. Why visual aids? There are little to no visual aids for pupils and teachers to use in most community schools. And why innovative ideas? There is a lack of innovative approaches to achieving personal development at particularly every level of education in most learning institutions.

Through visual aids and innovative ideas, the Paideia project innovates and improvises around the 16 other United Nation Sustainable Development Development Goals to bring to life goal number 4 (quality education), therefore, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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Ferngroove Road, Lusaka.

Mwenya Mwamba

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