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Community health, housing and social education

managed by V. Paul

About us


CHHASE (Community Health, Housing And Social Education) is a registered non-profit secular grass root voluntary organization, have been serving for the upliftment of the rural and tribal poor in their Socio-economic, education, health aspects etc for the past 12 years. CHHASE is dedicated to the service of mankind and it is founded on the principles of universal brotherhood, love, peace and harmony. The aim of the organization is to release the poor from their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual poverty and placing them in good designation and making them responsible and respectable citizens of the country.

CHHASE is established for the benefit and betterment of needy, poor and economically backward people.
*To provide accommodation, food, clothes, valued education and vocational trainings to the orphan, poor children and child labor children.
*To provide shelter, food, clothes and medical assistance to the aged.
*To render necessary Skill trainings for the upliftment of poor and destitute women.
*To render shelters, good water and sanitation to the rural poor.
*Mainly to uphold child rights through enrolment and retention of all children in various schools until they complete grade ten, facilitate their higher education or vocational trainings.
CHHASE Educate after school program started to provide education to the poor children, who are lacking behind in studies due to child labor and many more reasons. Through these educational program, CHHASE has given education to 6000 children by way of scholarships, school kits, uniforms, hostel fee etc, but able to main stream 4500 plus children in schools and now their studies are going on well. Where ever necessary, CHHASE provide fees, uniforms, school kit etc to more under privileged children in rural areas.

Trainings to women
CHHASE looks forward to generate confidence in women and girls by further strengthening their qualities of leadership, their self-confidence, their bargaining power and their representation in policy making.
Through our CHHASE Fashion school and CHHASE Cmmunity college, Poor and illiterate women and girls from rural areas are imparted training in leadership, management, accounting, crafts, textile designing, toys making, Brick making, healthcare, literacy and rural based business skills.
The literate young women and girls in villages shall be given free computer training through CHHASE computer centers set up by CHHASE. Their strength of solidarity, which is above caste and creed, helps them support each other in adversity. Through CHHASE, these rural women and girls can experience the joy of success with collective action. Today’s woman and girls needs to step forward and initiate development projects, better village governance, awareness and quality life. With the financial support and entrepreneurship and education, women and girls can get opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.


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