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Seventures Youth Association

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The first assignment in this project is to locate a venue and identify the needs of the local community for instance; energy and environmental issues are the current hot topics. Once this has been established we then make contact with relevant specialized bodies, industry players or individuals to act as guest speakers.
The guest speakers must strictly be willing to collaborate with us for no cost but other allowances are provided for instance transport, refreshment and accommodation by Seventures youth association through our partners, sponsorship revenue and well-wishers.
These seminars (convections and workshops) are not limited to educational materials we intend to incorporate inspirational materials, live performances from musicians, poets among others.
The guest speakers will be required to provide information based on the format presented to them by Seventures youth association. Each speaker will be allocated a maximum of 25 minutes.
A daily session shall contain at least six to eight speakers on different time intervals followed by 15-minute breaks. An extended break shall consist of 2 hours, preferably from 12 am to 1400 hour. The 15-minute break shall feature short skits, such as poems, recitals, a word from our sponsors, and a video presentation from other third parties. The 2-hour break shall feature serving of the lunchtime meals and a performance form a musician, a play or a live band.
Allowances to 100 of the audience members will be provided, these persons shall be specifically invited to the audience by Seventures youth association or by recommendation. Such groups include local students at the secondary or higher education levels, interest groups (youth groups, women’s group, farmers’ association among others).


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