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Rwenzori Innovation Training Centre (RITC)

managed by S. Kweterayo

About us

It was established in 27th December 2016, It was started by Sulait Kweterayo, a Ugandan social worker and entrepreneur, believed that community-based, biomass fuel briquette-making enterprise can generate income and also help families save money, especially the youth, school dropouts, single mothers and women.
The key aim was to reduce demand for unsustainably harvested wood and charcoal.

Promoting green energy through innovative and self-sustaining solutions for continuously improving the local population’s quality of life.

“ Rwenzori Innovative Training Centre (RITC) is a rural based socially-oriented business whose primarily focus in Designs produces and distributes innovative energy solutions to eradicate poverty, deforestation and climate change”.


Kasese municipality.

S. Kweterayo

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