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Treasures of Kenya e.V.

managed by H. Fiebig

About us

The Treasures of Kenya e.V. (TOK e.V.) based in Germany is working closely with its sister organization the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust, a non-profit organization based near Nairobi. They focus on creating awareness and boosting conservation of Kenya’s natural and cultural heritage. Through the Treasures of Kenya Initiative our work is based on research, education and sustainable tourism and community development. Most importantly however is our partnering and networking with local communities. Effective conservation efforts ought to win the minds and hearts of people in Kenya and around the world. We believe that the treasures of Kenya can only be permanently protected if conservation and development go hand in hand. Therefore, the Treasures of Kenya Initiative fights to make Kenya's heritage better known, to show its benefits and value and to spark emotions for its beauty.


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H. Fiebig

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