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FUTURE VOICE | Democracy, Human Rights, Evolution

FUTURE VOICE is a non-profit and independent working Human Rights organisation based in Berlin, Germany.

Democracy, Children's and Human Rights, Evolution and the continuous development of peaceful communication strategies are the guiding principles of our work.

The UN-Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are valuable achievements of a progressive democratic global community. The aim of our work is to anchor this complex of topics as well as a global awareness sustainably in people's thinking.

Our work is based on 18 years of experience. Our projects are established as long term series for lasting results.

Our projects are multifaceted. We are working with international reach.
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2. Teaser unserer Serie HUMAN RIGHTS | Voices

  FUTURE VOICE  22 October 2020 at 01:50 PM
HUMAN RIGHTS cancelled
Diese Menschenrechte wurden auf Basis der „Pandemie“ weltweit und per Dekret von „oben“ für Millionen von Menschen außer Kraft gesetzt oder auf ein Minimum eingeschränkt.

Art. 19 (Meinungsfreiheit) | Art. 20 (Versammlungsfreiheit) | Art. 18 (Gedankenfreiheit) | Art. 21 (Teilhabe) | Art. 12 (Privatspähre) | Art. 13 (Bewegungsfreiheit) | Art. 26 (Bildung) | Art. 17 (Eigentum) | Art. 1 (Würde)

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HUMAN RIGHTS cancelled

These most basic Human Rights were suspended or reduced to a minimum for millions of people worldwide, based on the "pandemic" and by decree from „above".

Art. 19 (Freedom of speech) | Art. 20 (Freedom of peaceful assembly) | Art. 18 (Freedom of thought) | Art. 21 (Participation) | Art. 12 (Privacy) | Art. 13 (Freedom of Movement) | Art. 26 (Education) | Art. 17 (Property) | Art. 1 (Dignity)

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