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AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover

managed by G. Becker (Communication)

About us

About us - The volunteers of Friends of the Earth Germany BUND Region Hannover - bat-conservation-team: Secretly - but not scary, the bats. In former times people got scared because of bats, but today the bats get more and more friends among us people. The bat conservation team of Friends of the Earth Germany BUND Hannover Region is a strong lobby for these strictly protected animals, the only flying mammals on earth!

- We explore the habitats of the bats in the Region of Hannover
- We stand up for the preservation and protection of the highly endangered bat stocks and their habitats
- We guide people on bat excursions through the Eilenriede and Hermann Löns Park
- We care for injured bats in our bat station until they can be released back to the wild
- We provide information about bats and their protection.

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Latest project news

Latest news

Ernie 7 Wochen alt // Ernie 7 weeks old

  G. Becker  19 April 2018 at 05:23 PM

Ernie is exactly seven weeks old today. He has now learned to independently eat mealworms from the bowl and makes use of this ability vigorously, so that he now brings 31g on the scales. This makes him a bit flight-lazy, and we now have to pay attention to his fitness, so he is not too heavy to fly. But he has beautiful teeth.

Ernie ist heute auf den Tag genau sieben Wochen alt. Er hat jetzt gelernt, selbständig Mehlwürmer aus dem Napf zu fressen und macht von dieser Fähigkeit kräftig Gebrauch, so dass er inzwischen 31g auf die Waage bringt. Dadurch wird er ein bisschen flugfaul, und wir müssen jetzt auf seine Fitness achten, damit er nicht zum Fliegen zu schwer wird. Aber er hat wunderschöne Zähne.

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