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About us

GROWTH PROJECT is a registered national, Non-Governmental, Non-profit making organization formally constituted in 2003 in Nairobi, Kenya.
The objective of the organization is to strengthen the capacity of the rural and urban poor to make sustainable improvements to their well-being through more effective management of their renewable natural resources. To sensitize rural and urban communities and the public on the need and benefits of sustainable management of resources and the environment.
The vision of the organization envisages a just world of empowered members of society perpetually striving to create a more humane future.
GROWTH PROJECT believes in the following in the following values:
- Development should be a self-empowerment process focusing on peoples participation in all the stages of any developmental action.
- Commitment to non-authoritarian structures and to democratic decision-making process within the organization and the communities.
- Belief in fair treatment and justice. The programme will work towards a just world for the marginalized members of the society.
- Brief in transparency and accountability. The organization shall at all times strive to portray a transparent image in all its endeavours.
- Brief in the equality of people regardless of sex, race, colour, tribe, religion, culture, nationality or political affiliation.
- Belief in benefits accrued from projects must be widely distributed and not result in the enrichment of a few.
GROWTH PROJECT work in close partnership with communities and their institutions and will whenever possible:
a) Test on new ideas and approaches towards increasing the the productivity of both human and natural resources.
b) Facilitate dissemination and adoption of its successful experiences.
c) Pay particular attention to the role and welfare of women and children/youth.
Key Programmes:
- Agriculture.
- Health and HIV/AIDS
- Water and Sanitation
- Environment
- Education and training
Since its inception GROWTH PROJECT has been carrying out activities to benefit mostly women and children/youth including their families in the areas of social and economic services, improved livelihoods, employment opportunities and human rights. the implemented projects are such as small-scale farming, poultry keeping, tree planting for environmental conservation, sheep rearing, HIV/AIDS prevention and training, training women groups on development and poverty alleviation, education of children and vocational training for marginalized youth. The projects have been implemented in Nyandarua, Laikipia and Nairobi Counties in Kenya.
GROWTH PROJECT raises its funds from development organizations, Foundations, Charities, Trusts, and willing companies. The organization as a non-profit making relies in large part on external funding. We submit many proposals each year and very few are honoured. The continuous process of writing and submitting proposals is very time consuming operation, diverting human and financial resources away from the organization's main work. Currently we have many pending projects and many people are suffering from poverty due to lack of funds. It is our hope that the organization will have more donors in order to fulfill its aims.
While working in close partnership with communities in their institutions remains the prime principle of operation to GROWTH PROJECT. The organization shall foster a positive working relationship with government(s) and other development agencies pursuing similar goals. This collaboration will entail planning, executing and implementing projects in order to optimize benefits on the target communities.
The organization structure is such that there is a Board of Directors, which provide an important support and guidance to the organization. The Board of Directors has five Directors namely: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive Director, Secretary and Treasurer. The Chairman and the Executive Director are the legal and the representatives of the organization and run the administration. The decision-making organ is the Board of Directors and the Executive committee.
The organization has five permanent staff and six volunteers. Hence the organization is small and it is our hope that it will prosper with support from our partners. The headquarters of the organization is in Nairobi city Kenya.

Latest project news

Vocational Training for Orphans and Unemployed Youth.

  S. Kariuki  26 April 2016 at 03:44 PM

The orphans and unemployed youth in Nairobi slums Kenya are engaging themselves in activities leading them to prostitution, drug abuse, taking excessive alcohol, criminal cases and other bad behaviour. Many of them have no sources of income and they live in abject poverty and are completely traumatized. As a result of many problems majority of orphans and unemployed youth are experiencing deepening poverty, enormous mental stress, and profound sense of insecurity. Several orphans lack basic needs, enough food and are malnourished, lack clothes and blankets: most orphans wear rags and they live below poverty line.   These orphans and unemployed youth have low self-esteem and little sense of security, poorly educated, with poor social skills and minimal life chances to pull themselves out of poverty and have little chance to become productive, self-sufficient citizens and parents.

Some of the orphans and unemployed youth sleep on the pavement unprotected and forced to beg or steal for survival, while others are constantly exposed to the risk of violence and exploitation. Not only do they have to protect themselves from other unemployed youth but also from adults including police, security guards and ordinary citizens who regularly beat them up and some are imprisoned. Needless to say, girls are even more at risk of violence and exploitation. They not only get beaten, but also are sexually abused and assaulted by the adults and other youth. Many take to drugs or sniffing glue to help them cope with brutality of their lives.

Therefore GROWTH PROJECT organization requests for your kind donation to help the orphans to support their future. Any donation will be highly appreciated.

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