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Vulnerable; disadvantage Youths, needs occupational skills for improved food security Most of these poor young people lack parenting care, counseling and mentoring to acquire occupations skills vulnerable. 4 youths are trained for 36 months in career occupational skills for a total of € 6,228. In Project Year 1, the project requires €2,500, Project Year2 €1,864 and Project Year3 €1,864.
First year budget is as follows
Activity Value (€)
Transport to locate 4 Youths 42
Career Guidance for 4 consultancy fee 76
Transport to locate training workshops 61
Training fee for 4 for 12 months 793
Basic trade tools for 4 558
Communication airtime/ Internet 183
Supervisory-stipend for 12 months 603
Bank charges 18
Quarterly Report and distribution 166
Project Cost (€) 2,500

After counseling, each child is enrolled for a three years training on their appropriate career path, such as carpentry, tailoring, hair dressing, etc, these skills training are offered by different skill trades men in their workshops. Out sourced training needs monthly progress supervision by EDGF. These are the types of skills trade which the youths will undertake-. The staff of EDGF is work on the project, and need subsistence -stipend allowances to supervise training at different training workshops. The project holder -EDGF, is made up of based experienced community facilitators, with work experiences in similar youth focused projects and in these project areas.

The project pilot phase - first batch started in October 2013, with five youths - all boys, each counseled and guided for a two years skills -career training. The project started in Bamenda city - targeting the urban youths who otherwise are called street children. One of the five has already completed a course in driving and is now searching for a driving job, three others are each undergoing a two years course on Carpentry and household upholstery furniture trade, and one is undergoing a two years course on Bricklaying- masonry for building construction works. These four graduate by 31 September 2015.

Donors for the First pilot -Ongoing Project
The first project started thanks three donations from the following:
(1 Johnson Matthey, 5th Floor 25 Farringdon Street London EC4A 4AB, offered a gift of £1,000, (2) World Day of Prayer USA, 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 860 New York, NY 10115, awarded a grant of $1,500, (3) Project Outreach at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 8398 NE 12th Street, Medina, WA 98039, awarded a grant of $1,500. We look forward to your kind donations, do not hesitate, a widows might is highly welcome. The project of Anyajua aims at placing 4 disadvantaged youths into similar counsel and guided -career training.

Project: Each of the youth is counsel, and placed in a skills training workshop, e.g carpentry, tailoring workshop, hair dressing workshop, etc. Each of the workshops undertakes to train the youth for 36 months. During the training period, EDGF undertakes to supervise and report progress on a monthly basis. Initially, trainees are provided basic trade tools for the course undertaken, and training fee is paid on a monthly bases.


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