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AWMD-Association For The welfare Of The Mentally D

managed by manohar M.R

About us



Association for the welfare of the mentally disabled (AWMD) is a Voluntary Organization. It is registered under the Karnataka Charitable Trust Act as on 18.6.1988.

AWMD is committed to the most vulnerable group; of people with mental disabilities, and their parents\families through its model center based therapeutic program, especially for the children from the economically poorer families irrespective of caste \creed \community.


• To provide therapeutic services and transfer and related skills through an inclusive program to persons with disabilities and their parents and community to enable them to lead an independent lives to their maximum potential & capacity.

• To provide specific self-care training \behavior skills \special educational & pre vocational and vocational skills and to create sheltered \integrated employment opportunities to enable them to become contributing members of the family \ community.

• To provide guidance, counseling and in-service training in the management of their children to the parents \ family members.

• To create awareness in the community on the relevant disabilities issues leading to integration of people with mental disabilities

• To collaborate and work with all the Government & NGO's agencies involved in the development program for people with mental disabilities, in order to influence and initiate more services in both Urban slums & rural areas.


N0 9, 8Th Cross Udayagiri

manohar M.R

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